Swarovski Crystal Yes, yes we know. It's not really a gemstone, but it is true that brightly coloured Swarovski are finding their way into so much designer jewellery it deserves a mention.

Swarovski crystals are precision-cut lead crystal glass products produced by Swarovski AG of Feldmeilen, near Zürich, Switzerland.

In order to create a crystal that allows light to refract in a rainbow spectrum, the crystals are coated with metallic compounds. Aurora Borealis, or "AB", is one of the most popular coatings, and gives the surface a rainbow oil slick appearance.

A recent development was the 2004 release of Xilion, a new cut designed to increase the brilliance of Roses (crystal with flat backs) and Chatons (diamond cut). To us they look like CZ's but if anything even glitzier.

Swarovski Crystal Colour Chart

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