Gift Wrap

Half the pleasure of a gift is in the anticipation of opening it. And nothing adds a bigger exclamation mark to the WOW! factor than a package that excites the eye and fires the imagination.

So we don't do average here at Braybrook & Britten. And we certainly don't do a dull one approach fits all. We try to make each wrap unique and chosen for the person and the occasion. In fact our gift wrapping attracts more spontaneous thank you calls than almost anything else.

All our items come in our stylish high quality red gift boxes, tissue wrapped. Adding the finishing touch of a gift wrap is icing on an already rather nice cake - but does add a wow! factor.

Each year we spend a whole day selecting unusual (and frankly expensive) papers and extravagant wired ribbons. Papers made by hand from Camellia leaves? Or dipped in gold and silver leaf? Ribbons in silks and shades you wouldn't believe.

Trust us on this. Never has £5.00 (or £7.50 for large items) been better spent.