In a world of computers, why on Earth do we still use hand engraving?

Hand Engraving

See an example of machine engraving and good hand engraving side by side and the reason becomes obvious. It's a little like comparing typing to someone who can write in a fine copperplate. A little piece of art in its own right, good hand engraving improves the overall look and quality of what it is engraved on.

Never ones to ruin the ship for a halfpenny of tar, our engraving service is handled by one of London's best hand engravers (actually, a family of them). This means that we can offer a wide range of styles - not just scripts but crests, logos and interlinked initials (called cipher).

Please Note: We can only engrave items that have been purchased from Braybrook & Britten and do not offer an engraving service for other items.

Because of the handling, repolishing, insurance and delivery to and from the engraver, there is a minimum charge of £39 per item for hand engraving which typically covers up to 10 letters of inscription (such as a name) or three initials. If ordering cufflinks, remember there are two cufflinks in a pair and hence two engraving charges, and the same charging structure applies to SETS.

On larger orders or multiple items, we will do our best to reduce the total engraving cost.

We like to allow at least 10 working days for engraving (though it is usually faster than this) and obviously more complex projects such as crests or images may take a little longer and we will advise at the time of ordering.

When ordering online, please indicate as accurately as possible in the comments box in the basket, the text and style you require and if you have a preference the position of the engraving on the silverware (as a general rule, on flat objects such as Christmas decorations we engrave on the opposite side to the hallmarks). Alternatively send a separate email to

Unless the engraving is very straightforward, we will usually telephone or email you to discuss and confirm the engraving before we proceed - we'll also send you a written confirmation just to be sure.

If in any doubt, just ask us and we will advise.



No. Inscription Styles Details Price
1 Script Style Per 10 Letters £39.00
2 Block Per 10 Letters £39.00
3 Bold Roman Italic Per 10 Letters £39.00
4 Old English Per 10 Letters £39.00
5 Light Roman Italic Per 10 Letters £39.00
6 Block & Lower Case Per 10 Letters £39.00
7 Watch Inscriptions Per 10 Letters £55.00
8 Roman & Lower Case           Per 10 Letters £39.00
9 Script Style Per 10 Letters £39.00
10 Facsimile Per Name £55.00
31 Open Roman Italic Per 10 Letters £49.00


No. Inscription Styles Details Price
11 Open German Per Letter     £29.00
12 Script Style Per Letter £13.00
13 Shaded Roman or Script Per Letter £20.50
14 Diagonal Script Cipher Per Letter £20.00
15 Raised Letters Per Letter P.O.A.
16 Curved Block (Cufflinks) Per Letter £19.00
17 Script Cipher (Cufflinks) Per Letter £19.00
18 Open Roman Monogram Per Letter £35.00
19 Shaded Script Cipher Per Letter £29.00
20 Floral Script Per Letter £39.00
21 Open German Perspective Per Letter £39.00
22 Open Shaded Block Per Letter £35.00
23 Romanesque Per Letter £47.00
24 Victorian Monogram Per Letter £49.00
25 Open or Solid Old English Per Letter £25.00
26 Script Style (Cufflinks) Per Letter £19.00
27 Floral Block Per Letter £45.00
28 Roman Initials Per Letter £13.00
29 Curved Script Cipher Per Letter £22.00
30 Separate Script Initials Per Letter £13.00
30a Interlinked Script Initials Per Letter £15.50
31 Open Roman Italic Initials Per Letter £15.50


Engraving on Crystal & Glass

We can also engrave inscriptions and crests on the glass bodies of decanters etc.The price of this is a little more variable, hence the best thing to do is call us to discuss your requirements.

Also, Carl our copper wheel engraver is happy to take on commissions for bespoke engraving.

Carl Copper Wheel Engraving

Bespoke Copper Wheel Glass Engraving