A British family firm, doing what family firms do best.

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Silversmiths, particularly British silversmiths, are something of an endangered species. We have been in business for over 25 years (and in the jewellery trade for 40) and have a well deserved reputation for being fair, helpful and efficient. Dealing with us is as friendly and stress free as it gets.

Located in London, Braybrook & Britten design and create modern silverware and jewellery - from attractive £40 gifts to £3,000 extravagances. With our hallmark struck in London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh Assay offices, we're one of Britain's leading designer silversmith jewellers and our work has been exhibited at Goldsmiths' Hall.

Yet we don't have shops. We don't supply other retailers. We don't sell all those samey 'Brands' you see everywhere else. We don't do all that PR hype where people pay trendy magazines to write about them. We don't send freebies to celebs so we can claim they wear our designs. We don't tweet.

There's just this website, a very nice annual catalogue (which we'll happily send you free of charge) and an approach that puts an emphasis on originality and quality which seems to have all but evaporated from the typical modern jewellery retailer.

What we do, is design and have made jewellery and silverware by some of the best workshops in the world. We travel the world to buy our own gemstones and pearls. We know the craftsmen and have worked alongside many of them for years. Ours is a simple philosophy, we make things we like and we make them to a quality standard we ourselves would buy.

Our customers tend to be people who don't need the comfort of some famous brand label. They appreciate the fact that when they call us, they are usually talking to the people who designed or created the pieces they are buying. People who have a real depth of knowledge and are happy to share it.

Someone once described us as the best kept secret in fine jewellery and contemporary silverware. It's a description we like, except that today with over 40,000 customers from Royal households to cottages in the Falklands, the secret is obviously getting out.

If you like things that are a little different. If you'd rather have something made to a tangibly higher - some might say old fashioned - quality. Welcome to a place you're going to like.

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