Farm Fresh 

Designing and producing our own silverware and jewellery collections, we also work in partnership with a number of like minded silversmiths, glass blowers and jewellery designers whose work you might have glimpsed in the windows of Bond Street or in collections such as the V&A.

In that way we're more like a farm shop than a supermarket, staying close and hands-on with the process of production from a group of extremely good makers sharing the same basic outlook. No long supply chains. No expensive West End property and staff costs.

And of course one of the great benefits of a network of directly involved craftspeople instead of large scale wholesalers and anonymous middlemen is that pride in what you do and a personal connection to what you make is the best of all motivators towards quality.

So. Proper Cole & Mason movements in our salt and pepper mills. Lead crystal bodies for our decanters blown for us by firms like Royal Brierley and Villeroy & Boch. Carefully selected hardwoods, turned and polished for us here in the UK for our wine coasters.

But we go even further than this. Because we have the skills, experience and knowledge to do so, we carefully hand select and purchase many of our gems and pearls direct from the lapidaries and pearl farmers around the world. It isn't just about price and things being cheaper at source, a morning playing the early bird picking through thousands of rows of pearls to find the 100 best transforms a good deal for our customers into an outstanding one.

That, in a nutshell, is how we manage to offer the exceptional at an unexceptional price.