Cleaning Your Silver & Jewellery



 Like everything else, your jewellery will look all the better for a little TLC.

Whilst most jewellery is quite robust and requires little more than warm water with a mild detergent, stones like Amber, Emerald, Opals and Pearls are particularly fragile and/or porous, hence needing careful treatment.

The golden rule of cleaning is, IF IN DOUBT, DON'T. By and large unless you know what you are doing and have read the instructions carefully, we DON'T recommend using the various proprietary dips and chemicals sold for cleaning jewellery. The results may look miraculous and effort free, but that is usually at the expense of some quite potent chemistry. A minute's polishing with a soft cloth is a lot better than a lifetime's regret over the ruination of a favourite piece.

Also, please beware ultrasonic jewellery cleaners. They sound like a good idea - and are when in experienced hands - but some stones have internal stress patterns that react badly to ultrasonics. They can literally fall apart!

Whilst we can't give an exhaustive guide, the above tips and information are all worth knowing - or reminding yourself of.